Sought after engineers

Engineers are more in demand on the job market than ever before. Anyone looking for a future-proof occupational field and generally interested in technology is therefore in the best of hands with the engineering sciences.

The range of application fields is no longer limited to the classic core areas of civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, but today seems almost unlimited and reflects in areas such as renewable energy, environmental protection and disposal or information technology and the current social, economic and technical developments. In between there are a variety of different areas such as geotechnics, power engineering, waste management, road construction and water management, aerospace engineering and many more.

The study of engineering

Engineering can be studied with the aim of bachelor or master’s degree (in some cases also diploma) at technical colleges, colleges or vocational academies. Of course you should bring the right conditions for such a study. Due to its proximity to the natural sciences, this mainly includes interest in physics, chemistry and biology as well as, of course, mathematics. A certain technical affinity is just as beneficial as a penchant for computer science – and not just since the latest developments around “Industry 4.0”. Important prerequisites for successful professional practice are also business knowledge and – in the age of globalized cooperation, research and production – the knowledge of foreign languages ​​as well as ability to work in a team, sense of responsibility and leadership ability.

The study of engineering is demanding. But it also offers excellent career prospects. The practical application of engineering is certainly a significant part of their appeal and attractiveness. Before the practical implementation, however, is the extremely demanding study, which is at least initially quite theoretical and requires the students in a relatively short time, the processing of large amounts of material.

The final thesis in engineering

The final thesis in the form of a bachelor thesis, master thesis or diploma thesis usually does not take place only in the form of a written paper, if you know it from most other study programs. Often a practical project is linked to the thesis, e.g. the creation of construction plans and their practical implementation.

As university support often leaves much to be desired, the number of those who drop out of university prematurely remains high in engineering. In order to avoid this, it may be useful to be supported in the preparation of individual work, if the time available is insufficient.


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