The Department of English / American Studies focuses on the curricula of the cultural, literary and linguistic sciences of English-speaking societies. Trained Anglists and Americans often work as teachers, but also in adult education, in cultural institutes, in publishers, in museums, in translation agencies – or even as ghostwriters!

Our ghostwriters help in English studies

Our ghostwriters in the Department of English and American Studies are experienced, partly native-language authors and support you in the context of your scientific texts during your studies – tailored to your needs, competently and individually.

General for the study of English and American Studies

In the bachelor’s program, the students are taught the basics of the subject in the fields of culture, literature and linguistics in lectures, seminars and exercises. The students have to demonstrate their knowledge through lectures, term papers, seminar papers or essays.

English is concerned with English-language literature, the English language itself (in the sense of linguistics) and the culture of English-speaking countries in the sense of a regional science. American studies differed from English literature in the course of the twentieth century. Like English literature, it is analogous to the literature, language and culture of North America, with the United States of America at the center.

The study language is usually English, because after graduation, English and American students are expected to master the language both verbally and in writing. A stay abroad in English-speaking countries is mandatory at many universities and is generally strongly recommended. For students who do not aspire to teaching, it makes sense to look for suitable, future fields of work while studying internships – Graduates of English / American Studies usually take awhile to find their professional “niche” outside the teaching profession. to search.

The master’s program offers the opportunity to deepen the emphasis in literature or culture in Bachelor’s degree in English or American Studies, either in literary or linguistic aspects of the discipline. In addition, it conveys knowledge and methods in Anglophone and European cultural studies, didactics of English, theory and methods of cultural studies, history of Great Britain, literary history, cultural history or art history.

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